So, how about those posts from Jeremy? Magical, eh?

I got back last night around six, responded to 29 emails from various Suicide Girls about a book I'm putting together (more on that later), and found that Jeremy didn't post. Meh, no biggie. I still love the bastard.

Miranda July to marry Colin Moon

No. Not really.

Good news!

I've been figuring out how to get my novel, Traveling Light finished up, and I've solved the problem—Jeremy #1 and I will be creating a website to chronicle the whole journey of the book, through the writing, photographing, and (hopefully) publication of the thing.

So far I have about 32-36 models; 29 of which are Suicide Girls who have expressed interest. Which is huge!

Working up the money

I've been working on the weekdays to make up enough money to release the Phantasmagoria record as well as travel to the far corners of the internet-infected globe to shoot all those models for the book (as far as Germany, the UK, and {maybe} Italy).

Currently, I find myself in Sun Valley; the Jackson Hole/Park City of Idaho. The 'affordable' condos that I'm doing base and door/window trim is, get this, 600 thousand dollars. While I was out there (it's about a four hour drive from Star Valley), I found this amazing little bookstore in downtown Ketchum, Idaho – Iconoclast Books, which has three locations around the Sun Valley area. I walked in and was instantly in love—I had expected some trite Oprah's Book Club type store (because, let's face it, ski-towns usually aren't known for their exploration of ideas) and, instead, found a indie-haven. The employees were sweet, funny, indie, and cute. I went in looking for a copy of Dracula (more on that tomorrow), and instead I picked up a copy of the winter 2005 issue of Zing, which I was surprised to find included a sampler of French bands, Issue twenty of Skyscraper, The Sex Issue of Heeb (with Sarah Silverman on the cover!), and a copy of Salmagundi (which I mistook to be a literary quarterly, but which is, in reality, a social science review).

This is the type of bookstore I've been missing for some time. I've been to a few here and there (mostly there), but Wyoming seems to be devoid of such wonders. Laramie's closest is either Hastings or The Grand Newsstand. Jackson has a used bookstore and a comic store. Is there anywhere this rad in Wyoming? Help!

At any rate, Zing is pretty, I haven't read Skyscraper or Heeb, and Salmagundi looks to be quite a time.

What kids are learning these days

Looking around Violet Blue's Tiny Nibbles today, I found this dazzling little number that shows us what Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage programs are teaching kids about sex.

When I was a kid, I didn't know anything about sex (to the point of thinking that the penis went into a woman's butt, and you peed to get them pregnant). All I knew is that my body wanted it. If only I had known about this site, which debuted when I was in the eighth grade (and still horribly under-informed about sex, just the Wyoming way).

Because they were made accessible to me

Cam and Brando discuss Brokeback Mountain:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Brando loves Daredevil. . .
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

as well as She-Hulk:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Whee! I'm homesick!

Google Vids. So much fun you'll die.

This is so fucking rad, I can't even say it.

So. Damn. Pretty.

I'm a sucker for good photograhy.

Whereas, this isn't so much good as interesting. And not so. Damn. Pretty. As much as so. Damn. Cliché.

Another guest blogger

So, this time, we might actually get guest blogs! By one Noelle Lopez, my friend and soon-to-be model (and, obviously, rad-tastic sex-queen).

Tune in tomorrow to see if she does anything.

And the week after, you ask? Look forward to Luke Jensen's favorite Hardcore records, pre-1990, as well as hardcore lessons for us newbs.

I'll see you kids on Saturday.

Wha. . . Huh?

Since when did porn star get IMDB entries?


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