A trip away

Guest Blogger #001

So, I'll be headed out of town for the following week. In my stead, I've invited Jeremy Wilkins (known in some circles as '#1') to step in and highlight some online poetry for you kids. I hope you enjoy his stay, as I know I will (while reading the archives next weekend).

Coudal Partners

The Coudal Partners are an interesting group. Not only do they have some funny short films, the also have some excellent experiments for media.


So I've recently begun having some pretty intense erotic dreams about a certain someone. Or two. As a result, I'm starting to think about maybe jumping the gun on my photography project that's meant to compliment my novel, Traveling Light. I'm planning on photographing not only close friends (whom these dreams feature) but, hopefully, a few Suicide Girls and maybe a few indie-artists. The photos will all be of women, some in the nude and some very much not, one per mini-fiction in the novel.

I've already discussed it with Megan, Amber, Noelle, Kate, and have contacted a few Suicide Girls.

What would you guys say to a website/blog dedicated to just those adventures?


So, I'm a nerd. And when I see comic-book characters featured in certain media, it makes me happy. Such as this photo, from the above linked, featuring Suicide Girl Alabama showing her love of the Punisher:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It makes me want to cuddle up with either her or a stack of Punisher issues, I can't decide with.

Oh, yeah. Her.

Also, here's some Spider-Man, ala SG's

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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