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Stephen King and Spoon

Wow. Wow.

So, Stephen King has announced that his top single for 2005 was Spoon's “I Summon You”.

For those of you who aren't in the know (and seeing as I only have two regular readers, both good friends, that equals none of you), when I'm not writing trite blogstuffs, I'm a writer of all things non-linear; the passion overtook me while, in the fifth or sixth grade, I read Stephen King's It (and, I know, it's a little dirty for a literary person to admit that one of his favorite novels is a Stephen King novel). The book defined for me, at that age, how stories could be. I've since found other books that do that for me (this and this, for example), but I've never forgotten what I learned from It.

Secondly, I'm in love with music—all music, I won't lie—and Spoon's Kill the Moonlight is, I think, the second-best rock and roll record of the last five years (second, to me, only to Cursive's Domestica). One I heard it, it jumped on me and wouldn't let go—I love the damn record. Gimme Fiction was Spoon's last record, from 2005, and is just as amazing and rocky. Buy it from Merge, as they have just a few copies left that include the bonus EP; you don't want to miss out on that.

Sister Jack (Video)
I Summon You (mp3)

(Thanks to Blog of a Bookslut)

Louise Doughty sets the challenge: Write a Novel in a Year

I'll be there. How about you?

(and, goddammit, Jeremy, you'd better be).

(thanks again to Blog of a Bookslut)

The funniest Bat-Thing ever

Here. You'll laugh at Batman. Laugh!

(yet again, thanks to Blog of a Bookslut)

A true look at Herbie, Fully Loaded

Which, by the way, sounds like a film about not driving drunk. Stephen Notley (of Bob the Angry Flower) reviews Herbie: Fully Loaded.


Take that, Fuckers

Coumbia, Sony/BMG fired a lot of people

The internet needs more nudity

But until that day comes, here are some awesome links:


Last Night's Party is, from what I gathered from a little browsing, one photographer's journey to record various parties via photos, including some racy shots of some pretty intense parties. The same photographer has another site (which is part of the whole thing) called Urban Pin-Up, which is a fantastic set of pin-ups for our generation (a la Suicide Girls).

Boys kill with violence. Girls kill with sex.

Eon McKai is an 'alt-porn' director who too his name from Ian McKay of Discord fame. He uses alt-kids as his models and stars, films them in porn-standard scenarios, and uses the delightful Alaska often for package designs. I downloaded Kill Girl Kill, Kill Girl Kill 2, and Art School Sluts over at Pure T 'N A, and wasn't disappointed—the guy stole my idea to make art porn. The bastard. But, what can you do? I recommend picking up one or all three of these films if you're the least bit interested in pornography, erotica, or erotic modeling. Also, apparently Hillary Duff is a fan. Who knew?

Kill Girl Kill 2 (.mov trailer)

Page France rocks my subtle, indie-folk world

You Ain't No Picasso just posted the 9 Myspace only Page France tracks, and I expect you to go download them.

Page France has released two albums (”Hello, Dear Wind” and “Come, I'm a Lion!”) which I only discovered recently (which doesn't matter, I suppose, seeing as “Hello, Dear Wind” was just released last year), and both have blown me away and worked their way into my steady listening.


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