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Where did the Fall go?

Largehearted Boy linked this interesting epic of a man searching for all of the 40-some ex-Fall members. Wow. I always had heard about how crazy Mark E. Smith was (mostly from Chris Boat), and I think this proved it to me.

The thing is epic—43 ex-members and the mystery of what has happened to them:

“Equally, I was worried by the fates of the disappeared. In particular, Karl Burns - who was hired and fired nine times between 1977 and 1998 - seemed to have vanished after punching Smith on stage in the New York meltdown. Several former members worried that he was dead. Some suggested he had "moved to the hills" in Rossendale, Lancashire, but appeals to the area's local papers produced nothing. Riley suggested I "try the prisons", which led me to Ed Blaney, who indeed left the Fall because he was sent to prison ("Dangerous driving," he says). He hadn't seen Burns either.”

This should be turned into a story book, complete with images of fist fights, people being stranded, and Dave/Steve throwing himself under a train.


Blogger the luke said...

You know I had caught a little bit of some diaries from somebody (it wasn't really noted) in the newest issue of Magnet (a pretty decent magazine!) and thought it was interesting. There's something compelling about words on the road and what the life is like for everybody else (you know, those in insanely successful bands). In any case, I thought I'd drop that in <333


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