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Atomic Hates Diamond

I've been hearing about how much Diamond Distributors sucked for a long time; I've been a comic nerd since I began reading and I've had some conversations with comic book store owners about them. Turns out, it's not only comic stores that are getting fucked. Atomic, if you don't know, is the place to order your independent books when not ordering from the publisher—I don't live anywhere near Baltimore, where they're located, so I've never seen the place in the flesh (read: brick), but I've never been disappointed by an order. I love the guys.

Some Hopeful Arrested Development News

Sounds like Arrested Development might be picked up by some other station instead of Fox, who has decided that the show's numerous accolades just aren't good enough.

Bloglines Saves Colin's Life, News at 11

Yeah. So I've been trying it out. And I love it. I'm up to 53 feeds and going, and I don't stop because it's so convenient just to load up Bloglines and read whatever has updated.

Tip: Don't load all your feeds at once. Ever. It doesn't matter if your computer is touchy or is God, when something goes wrong, you lose all the posts you haven't read—and that's a pain.

Another hip toystore

Magic Pony, at first glance, promises to be a pretty cool toy site—more designer toys in the style of my previous links to Kid Robot. They seem to be a bit more pricey than KR, but they do have a pretty good selection of toys from artists that aren't featured at KR.

Some Arts Fors Ya's

Largehearted Boy linked to Tiny Media Empire today, and it's pretty—art prints and show posters that are both stylish and gorgeous. Check it out.

/ has a web-counterpart

Since it's inception I've been a reader of / Magazine, a little quarterly devoted to photos, style, and indie chic. Turns out that they have a web-counterpart over at IRICC, a fun little designer site.

Clever Titles Are So Fucking Cool

Blog-mistress Bethanne (from Armchair Novelist and Clever Titles are So Last Summer, both excellent reads) has been having a week dedicated to side-projects over at CTASLS. Featured artists so far: Desaparecidos, The New Trust, Beep Beep, and Broken Spindles—the Creek bands I know well; fuck, I've listened to Business Casual enough times to recite it, rote, from memory. The New Trust is new for me, and I'll be checking them out.

Bad News, Bears and Sharks

Sounds like Bear Vs. Shark is breaking up. Just after the release of Terrorhawk. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not that big of a hardcore fan, nor have I heard a lot of BVS, but I did have a good time with the album as it played in the car and van while I was being merch guy on the McKinsey and Michael J Parkinsons tour this summer. So, officially, I've missed out on seeing them live. Fuck-cakes.

Christmas Sales on Literature

McSweeney's Quarterly Concern's Store is having a holiday sale, specifically on subscriptions.

McSweeney's, for those of you who have been living in a lit cave, is a quarterly publication where today's best writers are publishing some of their strongest stories. Edited by writer Dave Eggars, and featuring some astounding bookcraft, each volume is worth more than what's being charged.


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