Merry Day After

First off, let me say happy belated holiday wishes to you all; with the coming of Christmas came my family, one group at a time—by Sunday night I was neck deep in games with my two brothers and one sister (Jason, Stanton, and Dena), and ended up conversing with my soon-to-be-divorced brother, Jason, for several hours late into last night. I think it's good to sort of come to terms with who I am in this family, which is to say not the memory of me in years past.

Hope your respective holidays went well.


1. a. A fantastic sequence of haphazardly associative imagery, as seen in dreams or fever.
b.A constantly changing scene composed of numerous elements.

2.Fantastic imagery as represented in art.
3.I'm pleased to announce that Phantasmagoria and my label, Chesire Productions, are currently in conversations concerning a album release.

This makes me very happy. Nik and I began talking on a long trip where I was merch guy for his other band, McKinsey on their album-release tour this last summer. Then, out of nowhere, he dropped me a line via MySpace regarding his new project, and enquiring if I'd be interested in helping release it. The answer: yes, very much so. Check out their link and listen to their songs ('Workforce' and 'Everyone Working' will not get out of my head for the life of me).

Sweeny Todd

Wow. I had no idea, but the Angela Lansbury version of Sweeny Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street is on DVD. Finally.

I'm not sure when it happened (I haven't really looked into it for several years), but it's a recommended purchase.

Music Recommendations from a Machine

This is a crazy device. It was developed by The Music Genome Project, which, in itself, is an interesting bit of coolness.


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