The weekend took me by surprise; some belated update

A Softer World

So, it turns out that A Softer World (which was one of the top comics of 2005 over at The Webcomics Examiner that I linked to a while back) is, really, softly beautiful. Sometimes haunting, sometimes inspired, sometimes emo, sometimes funny. The comic is a hit, just like the award says, and it'll be one that I read at each update from now on. Each strip runs a little like a minifiction; a one sentence construction which are only loosely connected to the images (thought he images are great and well chosen, don't get me wrong). In other words, it's the perfect Colin strip. The minimalism is, by itself, something to be studied and adored; the concept behind each sentence is more powerful, of course, and I'd suggest reading this from a literary stand-point as well as a comic-reader.

Just can't stop linking .


So, it turns out that Bloglines actually is the handiest tool in the world. Not only does it feed you your favorite blogs, but also it does some web-comics, which is extremely convenient given the rarity that some comics update on the given dates. I was really skeptical of the service until Jeremy #1 explained it to me and linked it for me; I'm still wary of it, but I've now added all my blogs and the comics that have RSS feeds, and I'm curious as to how it will work out for me. I've also deleted the original bookmarks I had as to force myself to give it a chance. As of now I've got 39 feeds (and counting). Oh boy.

Gretta Cohn, how I miss you

So, it turns out that Gretta Cohn (ex-Cursive, current stable musician for Saddle Creek) had a tour blog for the Bright Eyes/The Faint tour this past year over at the Village Voice. This, I didn't know. Silly me.

Thanks to Bloglines for finding it for me; the thing is becoming more and more useful. And now, I sit down to read Gretta.


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