I think I mispoke when I compared Rogue Wave's Out of the Shadow to Elliott Smith. After putting the album in and trying a re-listen, I think I'd rather say that it sounds like a Brian Wilson-inspired Elliott Smith-riff in a Shins song. I don't mean this to be disrespectable to any of the mentioned; in fact, I can kind of see the allure of Rogue Wave, in that sense--happy songs with Smith-like guitar produced indie-poppily. But what I meant was, is that the whole deal? Or am I overlooking a huge factor in the album? I suppose I haven't really listened to the lyrics (and God knows that I'm more of a lyric person than a vibe-person), so I'm kind of floundering on the acclaim of the record. Help me understand.

And, again, this isn't meant as a snide, sarcasm laced attack. Rather, I'm really curious and I'm wondering if Decended Like Vultures will be conclusive to any feelings I generate about the band and their music; or if I'd even care to try--there are other albums I'm certain I'll benefit from picking up.


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