Headline: Celebrities are, well, kinda boring

So, tooling around the 'Blogosphere', I happened on some pretty interested celeb news and or gossip. You now me, loving celebs and needing to know all about them.

First off, I Don't Like You in That Way reports that some guy (professional paparazzi-I-mean-photographer Peter Brandt) is being sued by Jennifer Aniston over some naughty nakkie pictures that he found himself with.

Quoth the guy, “She's the one who went out there topless. I didn't go looking for it." Brandt says he was only looking to take photos of Aniston and her new beau Vince Vaughn, and he denies that he was trespassing on her property, as the former Friends star's lawsuit asserts. He continues: "She has no fences around her backyard. I did not trespass. When I saw her come out topless, I go: 'Oh, God, this is not what I want, this is not what people want to buy anyway.' I haven't sold those pictures anywhere. "You know, they're suing me and all the publications who are publishing them, and I haven't sold them anywhere. Sending the topless pictures along with (the other photos) was maybe my mistake. But I wasn't intending to sell those."

Not even kidding. He actually seems to think people wouldn't pay for Jenn's nipples. And he wasn't trespassing. Legally, he's right, but I think it's kind of a person's prerogative to be able to be topless in their own backyard, no?

Paris Hilton is. . . akin to Christ?

Yeah, so some guy just made a giant Christmas monument in his front yard that features huge pictures of Paris. I don't know, but I kind of hate her. And so now I hate Christmas. Thanks, buddy.

Not even kidding

So, go drop a few hundred dollars on Brad Pitt's high school yearbook. Go ahead. I dare ya.

This isn't about celebrities

So, yeah, I just found this little gem. I haven't had time to read it, but it's in my blog bookmarks now, so I'll check it out.

Also, Tilly and the Wall had a recording blog. I'm not sure if they'll be posting on it again anytime soon, but it's a fun read. Give it a whirl.


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