Two Great Live-Action Thingies

Arrested Development Arrested

So, it looks like Fox isn't done jerking Arrested Development around. Nick informs me that they (Fox) still hasn't officially ordered a third season of the show, which has one 12 Emmy's and thirteen various other awards for excellent television programming in the comedy category. Of course, this is the network who canceled both Family Guy and Futurama out of their own ignorance; they deprived us of those shows until Adult Swim made them take notice and posthumously resurrected the former.

I had never really knew a lot about the show, aside from the fact that the great David Cross (who has never, ever, disappointed {and whose A.D. character is a Never Nude, and, therefore, the word-game namesake of this very site}) was in it and that Noelle was a huge fan of it. Then I caught a single episode (from the second season) and was hooked. I just, as of minutes ago, finished the first season, over two-thirds of it in one all-night, hazy dream marathon. I'm in love; the writing is crisp, the character synergy is fantastic, and the acting is superb. Plus: 'I feel sort of like a Mary with out a Peter and Paul' was something I never got over.

Me and You and Miranda July

So, I should have mentioned this when the whole blog started (but, of course, this is Never News, where I can't be bothered to remember things), but a few weeks ago I got a hold of a copy of Me and You and Everyone We Know and fell head over heels for it. For one, it may be the sweetest film of its type I've ever seen (think Magnolia if it had been directed by Mirah), and for two, Miranda July is on the verge of visionary in all of her works—I had heard so much about her that when, at the end of the film, the writing/directing credit was given to her I immediately went and did some long-postponed downloading. I also stopped by her site and followed the links to her web works Learning to Love You More and How Will I Know Her?, both collaboration projects.

I think I'm in love with her.


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