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The Elected to release new album

The Elected have announced a new album to be released in January on SubPop. You can pre-order it from Amazon now, but not from SubPop.

Don't forget their first release, Me First.

The Elected is Blake from Rilo Kiley and his cohorts.


Bill Amend's Website
Turns out that good ol' Bill Amend, creator of long-running (and personal syndicated fave) comic-strip Fox Trot has his own personal website. I suppose that it's only exciting to the guys and gals who are real cartooning nerds, but Bill has some interesting things on there, like cell phone wallpapers, an interview with some guys about his WoW addiction, and some pretty interesting fanart.


Suicide Girls X-Mas
Suicide Girls has posted some handy gift packs at their store sure to please anyone on your list with pretty young alt-models in the buff.


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