Top Five (three) Hardcore Records of the Last Ten years
Well the time is here everybody. Per Colin's suggestion I'm here to lay down the law (my musical opinion) for all of you. In my complete morning haze I'm currently attempting to rip tracks to give you all samples of all these fine, fine works of art (using this fine program). In any case, let's start today's lesson.

Snapcase - "End Transmission"
Number fucking one. One of the most underrated albums that noone has taken influence from since its inception. In their last studio record, Snapcase openly created an incredible new atmosphere surrounding hardcore. The hardcore tracks come off in a mathy and almost robotic way; creative in beats and guitar rhythms. Interludes mapping tracks together are flawless("Cadence" and the end of "A Synthesis of Classic Forms"). Snapcase took drastic changes on this record, openly taking their influences from Fugazi and At the Drive-In (arguable some of the best non-hardcore bands in recent memory). I have clear biases on placing this record at Number 1. They were my first new-age hardcore band, seeing them live was something close to mecca for me, and their videos were nothing short of visual candy. I hope that maybe for once people can see that these guys were absolute geniuses (anyone who covers Devo and Helmet in the same record is obviously in this category) and maybe I won't just look like some fanboy for the next ten years.

Refused - "The Shape of Punk to Come"
Arguably, most people's choice for Number 1 but I just couldn't do it. It was a tough call, don't get me wrong, but a secure Number 2 I think is more than satisfactory for this record. "The Shape..." is an all-around solid record. Refused were a semi-forgettable band leading up to this album. But these young lads went from dreadlocks in Sweden, to scary ass masks in their groundbreaking video for "New Noise"(proving there is absolutely nothing wrong with an old-fashioned performance video with awesome costumes).

The album opens up with some pretty prolific quoting: "They told me the classics never go out of style, but they do, they do. Somehow baby, I never thought that we do too." Opposed to some bands who may just quote something just for the sake of quoting them, this one actually speaks for the record. As you will notice later on in this list, most of these records come from the later years of the 1990's and early 2000's. There's a reason for this. Granted, bands like Earth Crisis and Madball did incredible things in melding hardcore with metal in the early '90s but these are hardly significant records that pushed boundaries in creative processes. Bands may have delved in adding different elements to their sound prior to this but Refused were nothing but groundbreaking in what they did. The use of strings in "Tannhauser / Derive" makes an epic hardcore song all that much more epic. With the sounds of what sounds like a black and white horror movie it is chilling at the same time moving. Techno interludes like those in "Bruitist Pome #5" are appealing to fans of hardcore and house alike. One of the more straight-forward tracks is the title track in which they use different sound effects, not to mention break away from routine of 4/4 breakdowns. I could talk about this record forever and it appears I already have. Buy this.

Shai Hulud - "Hearts Once Nourished With Hope and Compassion"
Extremely long song and album titles aside Shai Hulud did it right. Their combination of hardcore, metal, and melody was done flawlessly on this record. Ringing in at a fine nine songs, it meets perfect length for a hardcore record. Shai Hulud defeinitely stepped it up in their debut full-length by showing what my faithful friend Andrew would call "the sweet teat of melodic hardcore." There are few bands that have matched what Shai Hulud did in their short-to-medium career-span (exception being their brother band Strongarm in which they shared drummers as well as influences). Notably what caught my ear about Shai was their track "A Profound Hatred of Man". I've never been a words guy, I mean clearly by reading any of my blogs you can see that I'm semi-illiterate, but all that aside poetry/lyrics never strike me...ever. This song excluded. Probably a combination of being in high school and having 'teen angst' but the lyrics to this song and album are amazing. Do yourself a favor, get your sandworm on.

I can't type anymore, I'm going dizzy.
This was going to be five but I can't concentrate any longer.
Besides the choices for 4 and 5 weren't as totally awesome as the first three so three is a solid number to go with. Research, enjoy, stay rad.


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